Zoryana Golovata.

Leader of the expert group on cognitive management (Political Science Association). Laureate of the honorable competition Socrates International Awards (United Kingdom). Graduate of the special course "Leadership. Personalities. Image ". (Oxford). Delegate of the UN Peace Week, Geneva. Author of the project "Money and Psychology", and "See more". Possessor of knowledge in the financial sphere (basic economic education: business management, banking) and scientific research in the field of psychology (emotional literacy, basic psychological foundations of personality development).20 years of practical experience in the field of personal finance psychology.
12 years of teaching experience, certification of trainers in business, training programs for personal coaches (18 schools were created). President of the company "European Business Technologies" in Ukraine. The author of the article, "Behind the Scenes of Visible Victories", "Double Standards", "A System That Supports Business", "Do You Have a Plan, Miss?", "How to Manipulate Manipulators"

Everything starts from awareness. When we aware of “SOMETHING”, we can change it in a way we want.

69th President ACA, Dr. Sue E. Pressman and CEO Richard Yep, attest to the values and principles used in their professional activities by the Members of the Association.

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The ACA is a member organization representing Licensed Professional Consultants (LPCs) and other professionals in the United States. It is the world's largest association representing professional advisors and consultants.

Photo report

Vital Voices, 2022 Global Leadership Awards, J. Kennedy Center, Washington, USA.
Forbes Power Women’s summit. Jazze at Lincoln center, New York, USA. 2022
Advocacy days. Congress. Washington D.C. 2022
Opening of the Ukrainian pavilion. Expo 2020. Dubai. Official delegation.
UN Geneva. United Nations Office (Switzerland).
Ukrainian Women's Congress. Kyiv. Ukraine