Sports, Psychology and Business. In Forbes Monaco special issue

In May, ahead of the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, Forbes Monaco special issue, dedicated to the royal race with a list of billionaires in 2021. Forbes specializes in business, investment, technology and leadership. On the cover of the magazine is seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, the magazine ranks world billionaires and a review of top venture capitalists.

A comment by Zoryana Golovata, a Professional Member of the American Counseling Association, was published in an article by Forbes Media chief content officer and Forbes

Editor Randall Lane about Operation Wealth Speed.

Randall Lane in 2011 created a list of Forbes "30 Under 30", which includes promising figures from various fields of business. Author of the book "The Zeroes: my misadventures in the Decade Wall Street Went Insane" in which Lane outlined the similarities between some Wall Street traders and Major League Baseball players in their views on the ethics of cheating. The New York Times named Lane one of the 922 most powerful people in the United States of America.

Expert comment of Zoryana Golovata "Sports, Psychology and Business" in original:

"How is Formula 1 related to the technology of developing thinking that is extensively applied in business? The widely used in management theory came from sports. According to it, neither power, nor status, nor finances fully defeat the rival inside us. The effectiveness of actions depends only on the way of thinking. How should you think to always get the desired result? The answer is in ourselves. However, it is not so much the answers that need to be sought as the "right" questions. It is the focus of the question that the direction of a thought depends on, and the latter defines the actions that give result.

What are we talking about when we act? About our way of making decisions, the cognitive ability. It is inherent in ourselves and requires constant training. Well-developed functions speak of our personality and the ability to win or lose. In sports and business, training is different, but there is one thing in common – psychological victory.

At the heart of victory is emotion. Through its lens, we perceive ourselves, things and people around us. Is there another measure of our self-evaluation? Yes. Realisation. Training of conscious acceptance of circumstances makes the brain "younger" by 5 years on average.

Realisation itself is the basis of transformation of thinking in any activity. We can change at our discretion anything we are able to realise. Isn't it wonderful to have the personal ability to manage all aspects of your life in this way? Be it sports psychology or business psychology – it is the personal psychology of each individual with its own type of thinking, realisation, desire, composition of character and temperament, and, as a result, the ability to act."

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