“People are like books”

I like the phrase:- "People are like books." Some of them are read with enthusiasm, where you want to look at each illustration slowly, reread every page with taste, and analyze every sentence. They are full of the essence and content, there are depth and the main storyline. Such people can be discovered in a new way every time with joy and a certain pleasant state of mind at the same time. Such people-books lead you along and you follow them with excitement. And no matter what other books you read, such book attracts and you want to reread, again and again, find new feelings from the pages you have already read, or write a new chapter, or maybe a whole volume together. These are books that you want to take with you on a trip, spend evenings with them reading by the fireplace, or simply be alone with them. It's always an exciting and new story.

There are adventure books, they are fascinating, they can be read in one breath, but at the end of the story it is simply the end, you close it and never come back. There are books with insanely expensive and well-designed covers, even, at first glance, with fascinating content for you, but when you start these books, you realize that it does not meet expectations. Such books are priced high, however, provide no value. This is when you realize that you are attracted to a person, but you still do not understand why. However, when you get acquainted, there is no point in reading further. You can easily finish the meeting with such people early the allotted time, as well as from the conversation, from the relationship, at the same time thanking for the experience, because it is invaluable: you just avoid spending your precious lifetime reading a page you do not need. There are books that you do not understand, you reread them several times, with the thought that you did not perceive so, but this does not make your understanding any clearer. That means this book was not meant for you, at least for now. We close them and put them on the shelf to gather dust. There are books that you want to retell and make others read them, and you talk about them with inspiration. Some go to the dump to make room for interesting and meaningful things. There are books-novels, short or long, enchanting or boring. Detective books with an imaginative storyline that is unpredictable. Some books give us knowledge, and some are emotions, there are those that you dive into, and there are those that you read between the lines, as well as those that are read with a cursory glance.

We are all people-books. For yourself or for others (for everyone it is a different genre and content). We write ourselves, rewrite, reread, design, draw illustrations, filled with ideas and it is very important to choose the right people you want to invite to assist you in writing your storyline.

And since our life is the most expensive resource we have, we want to fill it with exciting books-people, stories that give pleasant emotions, adventures, or stories that inspire us to create new stories, write them, and become the book that will captivate your reader. And, perhaps, at some point, you will realize that it has become the only important book in which your special reader has found everything. And then you can easily answer the questions from the cartoon "Moana": "Who are you in your heart?", "What is written in your book?". Good reading to yourself and others.

Zoryana Golovata.

Leader of the expert group on cognitive management