10th annual Forbes Power Women’s Summit

The world is what it is.  If we don't like something about it, we have everything we need to change it.

This is the main message I saw in women's leadership trends.

In confirmation, the speeches of female leaders at the 10th annual Forbes Power Women's Summit, which took place in the center of New York sept, 15.  What unites some of the most influential women who have achieved success in their fields (finance, politics, entertainment,...)?  They change the world for themselves.

So the main theses:

1. If you want to change something, change it.  Didn't work out?  Try again.

2. If you know something useful, share it with others.  No one canceled the "wave effect".

3. There is no one right path to success.  There is yours.

4. Where to start when you don't know what to do?  From where you are.

5. Find what you love and understand where you want to go.  The result will surprise you.

6. Be honest with yourself.  This is the basis of your growth.

7. Don't fight with your shortcomings, turn them into motivation and driving force.

8. Change the world for you.  Everyone has a superpower, you just need to know yours.